We are a company that tries to solve issues for our customers

Ultimately, every purchase that you make needs to solve a problem or challenge. A simple problem such as tool life can shut down production in a hurry. The need to verify size before production begins can be even more of an issue.
A customer received a shipment of automotive castings from overseas but could not assemble them into a functioning part. We were contacted on a Thursday for a rush delivery of a very special carbide trilock-style gage made to Class XXX tolerance. On Friday, we had the gage finished and the customer picked it up, verified that the casting was incorrect, and sent the parts back to their supplier.

Whenever possible, we will always try to accomodate our customers’ rush delivery needs because we understand that time is money!

Customer #1, Automotive Supplier
A manufacturer of electronic parts contacted us because they could not tolerate contamination of their parts by any “metal”. The solution was a set of special ceramic plug gages. Simple!

We always try to work with all of our customers to solve their challenges, big or small.

Customer #2, Electronics Manufacturer
A medical company manufacturing bone screws and plates contacted us because their steel and chromed steel gages wore out every day due to the abrasiveness of their parts’ material. The solution was to make their special thread plug gages out of carbide and their gage life was extended to 3 weeks!

Due to the increased wear resistance of the material, manufacturing tools out of carbide can extend tool life significantly. We work with our customers to help them understand the benefits of carbide gaging.

Customer #3, Medical Device Producer