gagecover004R.L. Schmitt Company manufactures standard fixed-limit gages to ANSI standards.  In addition, since not every need is “standard,” we also make custom, “per print” gages at least 40% of the time.  Whether your need is for a longer, shorter, altered or custom gage, we will be able to help.  Even “part like” masters are available.

All gages (plug, ring, thread, ball, or specials) are held to tolerances in the millionths of an inch and all gages are traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

We are proud to offer the following for your consideration:

Carbide and Ceramic Gages

  • Cylindrical Plug Gages
  • Reversible, Taperlock, Trilock or Progressive Gages
  • Master Setting Discs
  • Ball Gages
  • Inserted or Solid Ring Gages
  • Concentricity and True Position Gages
  • Special Lengths
  • Special ID and/or OD Features

Thread Plug Gages

  • Standard and Special Pitch Diameters
  • Gage Sets and Replacement Members
  • Fractional, Decimal or Metric Sizes


  • Per-Print Gages and Aerospace Components
  • One-Off Designs of Special Widgets


  • Short Form Certification Traceable to NIST
  • Long Form Certification Traceable to NIST
  • ISO Certification