Present Day

From a rather inconspicuous beginning in a garage, like thousands of businesses that started after WWII, the R.L. Schmitt Company has grown into a well respected mainstay in the gage industry. Automotive, aerospace, military, medical, recreational, and consumer industries call on us to provide solutions to their manufacturing needs.

Yet, unlike so many companies, the R.L. Schmitt Company is still family owned. Currently moving forward with its third generation, there is still a “Schmitt” available to speak with a customer. Bruce Schmitt, President, is the current principal with his niece, Jamie Schmitt, and nephew, Bryan Schmitt, leading the company into the third generation.


In the 1940’s R.L. (Dick) Schmitt had a need – to care for his growing family. Through his hard work he started a small business making special cutting tools from a “new” material: carbide. Not having a plan other than to feed his family, he made whatever someone wanted. This adaptability to a customer’s need carried forward throughout the years.

When his five sons came of age, he adapted his business to make room for them.  Over time, Rick, Chris, Bruce, Mark & Paul all became key partners in growing the business. Each had a knack for one area of manufacturing and as such, the business grew from cutting tools to gages to drill bushings to specialty gages to print items.

Even though R.L. has died and Rick, Chris, and Mark have retired, customers will still call and ask to speak to a specific “Schmitt.” This history is what we continue to build on today; every new job and innovation continues our history.